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(L.I.F.E. - Living-well Ideas For Everyday)

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Our LIFE (Living-well Ideas For Everyday) on Wednesday seminars are open to the general community and are hosted by members of our Team. Come along for useful tips and strategies, psychological insights and a chance to have your questions answered. Our staff are passionate about working with people, and are focused on providing helpful support to encourage and strengthen individuals, couples and families within the community.

Details are:

Address: 11 Lowe Street, Merrylands
Cost: $30 per person, $50 for two people
Time: 7pm – 9pm
RSVP: 3 days before event to 9760 1110 or or submit the registration form at the bottom of the page. 

Seminar dates and topics for 2017:

Managing Challenging Behaviours in Children – Part One     

TUESDAY 14th February 2017, Elizabeth Kirkman

As parents you play the vital role of being 24/7 family therapists navigating daily life at home and the joys and challenges of raising children.  This year we will be running a two part ‘Challenging Children’ seminar, part one offering strategies for managing children’s behaviour with the option for follow up with more advanced tools and strategies in part two later on in 2017.

Come along to Part One where we will be covering:

  • why children do what they do
  • strategies for managing challenging behaviours
  • Tools for building a happy home


TUESDAY  7th March 2017, Claudia Chakar

This seminar will give you knowledge about the latest information on the warning signs of kids’ distress and grief during family separation and divorce. We will look into coping strategies & how to best deal with ongoing conflict & what to avoid so the process of separation is better understood & managed effectively. Helpful for all parents, extended families & health professionals.


Managing Challenging Behaviours in Children – Part Two     

TUESDAY 4th April 2017, Elizabeth Kirkman

A follow up from the February Seminar, we will be looking into more advanced strategies and tools to manage challenging behavious in children.


PREPARE AND ENRICH – for couples wanting to strengthen their relationship and prepare for a long term commitment

Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Glenn Cameron

The goal of Prepare/Enrich seminar is to build strong relationships for couples who are planning to get engaged or married as well as couples who are in long term relationships. The skills gained will empower couples to take a deep look at their commitment levels and to learn how to invest and understand their current relationship dynamics. We look at strengths and growth areas that need to be enhanced and give you the ideas to overcome them.



Wednesday 7th June 2017, Kim Thompson



Wednesday 5th July 2017, Denise Perkins

Loss is something we all experience and it can take many forms. Loss can be associated with a stage of life such as the loss of personal freedom that comes with becoming a parent or the loss of meaning that can come with an “empty nest” or retirement. Other losses involve the loss of hopes and dreams when health or other circumstances force a re-think of the way we had imagined things would be. The ending of a relationship or the death of someone we love are significant losses. A new loss in the present can trigger old emotions of loss from the past. Some losses are well recognised in our culture but others are discounted or hidden and support can be hard to find.

While all loss brings a measure of grief, some losses trigger a significant grief reaction. People often describe feeling as though they have been thrown into a new internal world of chaos while all around life seems to go on as normal. This seminar will explore what it means to grieve and look at ways to understand and navigate the very personal journey of loss and grief.


CHRONIC PAIN – Psychological strategies to better manage chronic pain

Wed 6th September, Robyn Smith

The bad news is that chronic pain can’t be cured.  The GOOD news is how it can be managed well so you can improve daily function and gain a more positive attitude toward living with chronic pain.  The seminar will help sufferers and their family learn some of the psychological strategies to reduce pain levels and enjoy life more and also that chronic pain is not just physical – it’s in your head!


Wed 4th October 2017,  Joyce Ong



Weds 1st November 2017, Glenn Cameron


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